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Why use a Registered Migration Agent instead of applying for visa application by yourself?

  • Migration regulations and policies change frequently. Registered Migration Agents keep up with these changes.
  • Visa applications can be incredibly complicated. Registered migration agents ensure you submit all of the necessary documents and sufficient correct evidence.
  • Dealing with the Department of Home Affairs is difficult. Registered Migration Agents ensure your case is correctly documented limiting any requests from the DHA and ensures correct communication with the department.
  • Our Registered Migration Agents can assess your circumstances and inform you of your best available visa option.
  • Increased chances of success. Registered Migration Agents have the necessary expertise to help you navigate through the application process.

What is SOL Migration’s strength?

  • Experienced – In SOL Migration, we have a team of 5 experienced Registered Migration Agents.
  • High success rate – Each year we assist more than 300 clients and our success rate is more than 98%.
  • Bilingual – All of our Registered Migration Agents and team members can speak at least two languages and could better understand your situation in own language. We can speak 10 different languages including Mandarin/Korean/Cantonese/Spanish/Portuguese/Vietnamese/Thai/Japanese/Hindi and English!

How much does SOL Migration charge for the migration services?

First of all, different visa or nomination application involves different time of work to be performed. There is no same individual case for visa application, please contact SOL Migration today and get a service fee quotation for your situation.

I would like to obtain Permanent Residence in Australia, what are my options?

There are many options to obtain Permanent Residence in Australia including:

You can find more information for each of these options in Visas & Services page.