407-training visa is a temporary visa that allows international people to come and complete a workplace-based training or a professional development training in Australia. The purpose of the workplace-based training programs should be to improve their skills for current occupation, area of tertiary study or field of expertise 

What can you do with a visa 407? 

  • With this visa, you can visit Australia and take a training program for up to 2 years.  
  • You can travel from and to Australia as many as you want as long as your visa is valid.  

Who can apply for a 407 training visa?

To be eligible for a 407 visa, you must:  

  • Have an approved sponsor  
  • Be nominated by your sponsor to take part in an occupational training program. If your sponsor is an Australia Commonwealth Government agency, then you don’t need the nomination.  
  • Be 18 years or older  
  • Hold a valid temporary visa if you are in Australia at the time of application. The temporary visa that you are holding is NOT a 403, 771 or Special Purpose visa. 
  • Meet character and health requirements 
  • Have a valid health insurance  
  • Achieve a functional English level, which are IELTS 4.5 overall (or equivalent) 
  • Be a genuine temporary entrant, which means your plan is to stay temporarily in Australia for training purposes and you don’t have intention to migrate to Australia.  
  • Don’t have any debt to the Australian Government  
  • Haven’t had a visa cancelled a visa application refused 

How to apply for a training visa 407?  

Step 1: Getting an approved sponsor and nomination

Before applying for a 407 visa, please make sure that your sponsor already lodged the sponsoring application and has become an approved sponsor. Your sponsor will also need to have submitted a nomination application.  

Step 2: Preparing all the required documents

You must attach the following documents when applying for a 407 visa:  

  • Passport: A copy of the identification page of your passport.  
  • Sponsor documents: you are required to provide:  
  • a sponsor letter or at least a receipt proving that your sponsor has submitted the sponsorship application. 
  • your sponsor’s nomination letter or at least the receipt proving that your sponsor has submitted the nomination application. 
  • a statement from your sponsor to confirm that they will satisfy the sponsorship obligations for both you and your family members.  
  • Financial Documents: Evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover all the costs for you and your family member while in Australia.  
  • English Proficiency: You will need to submit the evidence that you have achieved at least IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.  
  • Health Insurance: You need to attach the evidence that you have adequate health insurance for you and your family members during your stay in Australia. 
  • Health and Character Documents: This may include medical examinations and police clearances.  
  • Workplacebased activity documents: To demonstrate that your training is needed for your current work, you need to submit a copy of your nomination document (if your sponsor is NOT a Commonwealth Government agency) or a copy of the invitation letter for the training (if your sponsor is a Commonwealth Government agency). You will also need to attach a copy of your qualifications and resume.  
  • Professional Development documents: If your training program is relating to professional development, then you are required to submit: 
  •  a copy of your nomination document (if your sponsor is NOT a Commonwealth Government agency) or a copy of the invitation letter for the training (if your sponsor is a Commonwealth Government agency).  
  • a copy of your qualifications and resume.  
  • a statement written by your sponsor, confirming that you are doing the professional development training stated in the application and that you have relevant professional skills and work experience to participate in the training program. 
  • a signed letter from your current employer/manager specifying your current duties and position. This letter needs to include the company letterhead.  
  • Occupational training required for registration: you must attach a letter from the regulatory body for the occupation in your original country or Australia to confirm that the training is required for you to get membership, license or registration so that you can work in your occupation.  
  • Your family members’ documents: If your visa application include your family members (your partners and children), then you will also need to submit their documents, such as passport, character documents, marriage certificates, birth certificates… 

Step 3: Applying online through ImmiAccount

You must apply online via ImmiAccount on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website.  

  • Log in to your ImmiAccount and select “New application”  
  • Fill out the application form accurately.   
  • Attach the required documents to your online application.  
  • Pay the application fee.  

How much does it cost to apply for a 407 visa? 

Primary Applicant   Additional Applicant Charge 18+   Additional Applicant Charge under 18 
AUD405  AUD405  AUD105 


What is the processing time for a training 407 visa?

50% of the 407 visa applications will be processed in 49 days, and 90% of the applications will be assessed in 5 months 

How long can you stay in Australia on a Visa 407?

The duration of the Visa 407 depends on the nature and duration of your training program, but you can be allowed a stay of up to 2 years in Australia.  

Can I work under a visa 407?

When granting a 407 visa, the Australian Government will attach specific conditions for your visa. You may be allowed to work in Australian under a 407 visa, and generally, you can work on a full-time basic.  

What is restriction 8104 on a 407 visa?

Condition 8104 is about the work limitation while you are on the visa 407. This condition means that you are NOT allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight.  

What happens if I decide to change the sponsor for a 417 visa?

If you want to change your sponsor for this visa while in Australia, then you must be sponsored by the new sponsor. If your training program is the same as that your visa was approved for, then you don’t need to apply for a new 407 visa. However, if there is any change in your occupational training program, then you need to lodge a new visa application.  

What are the options after a 407 visa?

After your 407 visa, you can apply for many visa subclasses to stay further in Australia, such as employer sponsored visa subclass 186/482 or state nomination visa subclass 190/491 as long as you meet the criteria for these visas 

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