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The Pacific Engagement Visa (subclass 192) is a NEW permanent resident visa which came into effect from 29 Mar 2024. This visa applies for citizens of the participating Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste and their family members. There will be up to 3,000 places for this visa each year.  

What can you do with a Pacific Engagement Visa 

A 192 visa is a permanent visa, so 192 visa holders will be eligible to receive all benefits for an Australian permanent residence, which includes but not limited to:  

  • Receive post-arrival settlement support to improve English skills 
  • Work and live in Australia indefinitely   
  • Receive support for Medicare services  
  • Study in Australia with domestic students’ tuition fee  
  • Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible   
  • Sponsor family to come to Australia (if eligible)  
  • Have IMMEDIATE access to Family Tax Benefit A, Youth Allowance, Austudy, Higher Education or VET Loan Programs. This means you don’t need to wait for a certain time (normally 1 year) to receive these benefits.  

Who can apply for a 192 visa subclass?  

To be eligible for the Pacific Engagement Visa, you must:  

  • Be aged from 18 to 45 
  • Be a citizen of a participating Pacific Island and Timor-Leste country  
  • Have a job offer in Australia  
  • Meet English requirement  
  • Meet health and character requirements  
  • Be selected randomly through ballot 

Visa allocations

Visa allocations are based on several factors including population size, diaspora in Australia, existing migration opportunities, expected demand and participating country views.

Visa allocations for 2024:

Country Allocations
Federated States of Micronesia 50
Fiji 300
Nauru 100
Palau 50
Papua New Guinea 1350
Solomon Islands 150
Timor-Leste 300
Tonga 150
Tuvalu 100
Vanuatu 150

How to apply for a visa 192?  

Step 1: Register for a Pacific Engagement Visa ballot (link)

To apply for a Pacific Engagement Visa ballot (PEV ballot), you must:   

  • Hold a valid passport 
  • Be in age from 18-45 
  • Be a citizen of a participating country 
  • Complete an online application form and pay the registration fee 

Step 2: Apply for a 192 visa  (link)

You only can apply for visa 192 if you are selected by PEV ballot. You also need to meet all the eligibility criteria (such as English requirement, health and character requirements and having a job offer in Australia) in order to apply for this visa.  

Australian Government will release more information about how to apply for a 192 in mid-2024.  


What is the 192 visa?

The visa subclass 192 is a new permanent resident visa designed for citizens of participating Pacific Island nations and Timor-Leste. The purpose of this visa is to tighten the relationship and connections between Australia and Pacific Island Countries and Timor-Leste. Each year, Australian Government will give 3,000 places for this visa.  

How to be invited for a 192 visa?

To be invited to apply for a 192 visa, you need to register for a Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV) ballot and pay a registration fee (AUD25). Then, I will be selected randomly through the ballot.  

How much does it cost to apply for a 192 visa?

You must pay $25 to enter in Ballot. Once selected, you can lodge the application for a 192 visa and the visa application fees is $350. 

When the PEV start?

The first PEV ballot is expected to start in mid 2024 

How many visas 192 will be granted each year?

There will be 3,000 places secured for citizens of the participating countries and their immediate family members.  

Can I bring my family members to Australia under the visa 192?

Yes, your immediate family members can apply for the 192 visas with you. For visa purposes, your family members are defined as (1) your spouse or your de facto partner, (2) your children or/and your partner’s children and (3) the dependent children of your children/your partner’s children.  

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