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14 May 2024, the 2024-25 Australia Federal Budget has been announced, and also the new Migration Program Planning Levels for 2024-2025 have been published. Today, SOL migration will focus on these two news to summarize the new policies and highlight the changes.

1. Permanent Migration Program Planning Levels for 2024-2025

Australian Government has announced on 14 May 2024 that migration places will be set at 185,000 for 2024-2025, which is slightly dropped from 190,000 in 2023-24.  

Of 185,000 places, Skill Migration Streams will account for up to 71 percent, equivalent to 132,200 places. The priority on these streams is to fill the skill shortages in Australian labour market. However, it is worth noting that the total quota for these streams is reduced compared to last year (137,100 places were set for last year).  

Among skill visa streams, Employer Sponsored Visas will be given the most quota with 44,000 places for 2024-25, which increase by 7,175 places compared to last year. This may help to ensure that the migrants to Australia will have a job offer at the time of application.  

The planning level for the State Nomination (visa 190) programs will also increase to 33,000 from 30,400 places. The quota for the Skilled Work Regional (Visa 491) will slightly increase to 33,000 places from 32,300.  

The years 2024-2025 will witness a significant drop in Skilled Independent Visa (189) number as the planning level for this visa subclass decreases by almost half, from 30,375 (in 2023-24) to only 16,900 (in 2024-25).  

Another significant decrease is in the Business Innovation and Investment stream. For 2024-2025, only 1,000 places have been allocated to this stream, dropping from 1,900.  

The quota for Family Visas will remain the same as last year, with the total places of 52,500 for the year 2024-2025.  

Planning Levels for 2024-2025

Planning Levels for 2024-2025

2. The planning horizon for the Permanent Migration Program

From the year of 2025-2026, the planning horizon for Permanent Migration Program will be extended, from 1 year to 4 years. The purpose of this extension is to help deliver a better management of the migration system. 

3. Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)

Australian Government will introduce a new visa pre-application process for the Work and Holiday Visa from the financial year of 2024 – 2025. As such, all eligible applicants from China, Vietnam and India will need to apply for a ballot process, and only applicants selected by the ballot can be invited to apply for a 462 visa. The ballot fee is $25 per person  

4. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

From 23/11/2024, the work experience period required for a 482 visa will be reduced from two years to one year only. This is a great option for new graduates who can’t apply for a 485 visa due to the situation that they are over 35 years old or can’t achieve an IELTS 6.5.  

5. New “National Innovation Visa”

At the end of 2024, a new visa called “National Innovation Visa” will be introduced to replace the current “Global Talent Visa” category. The new visa is designed to attract exceptionally talented migrants who can create big changes in the sectors of national importance. The target migrants for this new visa category include major investors, high-performing entrepreneurs and global researchers.  

The existing Global Talent Visa applicants will still be assessed under the Global Talent Visa criteria and will not be impacted seriously by the transition.  

6. Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) Visa Subclass 188

While a new “National Innovation Visa” was considered, the BIIP visa (subclass 188) will be closed permanently from July 2024. The applications for the 188 Visa that are lodged before July 2024 will still be processed. The individuals who hold a 188 visa and meet all the required criteria for a Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa subclass 888 will be also still considered for a permanent visa under this pathway after July 2024.  

7. Education and Student Visa related updates

  • Due to the limitation of housing supply, the Australian Government has developed a new proposal that universities need to build more student accommodation if they want to take more international students and that there will be a limitation on the number of international students who can be enrolled by each university.  
  • The student visa fee is proposed to increase to AUD1,500. It will be confirmed later.  
  • Australian Government will allocate up to AUD427.4 million to establish a “Commonwealth Prac Payment” for nursing, teaching and social work students who undertake supervised compulsory placements during their tertiary studies in Australia. A payment of AUD319.5 per week will be paid to these students during their work placements.  

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