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VETASSESS, the authority for skill assessment for trades occupations, has implemented a number of significant changes applied to new applications lodged on and after 23 April 2024.  

VETASSESS update on how applications are lodged

From 23 April 2024, you can only submit your application after VETASSESS confirms your application is ready to be submitted. This means that VETASSESS will initially review the information details and documents in your application to make sure that you already provided sufficient information and evidence for assessment.  

After VETASSESS confirms that your application is “assessment ready”, you will receive information on how to pay the assessment fee. The lodgement process is considered complete once you make the fee payment.  

VETASSESS update for Pathway 1 trade applications

The VETASSESS Pathway 1 is for applicants who don’t have an Australian qualification or occupational license. From 23 Apr 2024, the assessment process for Pathway 1 applications will also be changed for all trades, except for 4 occupations, including Electrician (General), Electrician (Special Class), Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic and Plumber (General). The changes mainly lie in the assessment process for Stage 2.  

According to the VETASSESS news update, Stage 2 will now include 3 steps:  

Step 1: Video Evidence  

You are now required to upload a number of videos to demonstrate your trade skills when submitting your stage 2 application. To allow VETASSESS assessors to watch and assess your skills, the videos you submit need to capture and record all the necessary skills required for your occupation.  

Step 2: Australian Industry Standards Online Assessment  

In this step, you are required to complete an online course that provides you with Australian industry standards applied to your trade occupation. You then will need to complete an assessment at the end of the course to demonstrate that you already understand these standards.  

When your stage 2 application is accepted, and your payment is confirmed, you will receive information on the username and password to access the online course. You will be given 7 days to complete your assessment.  

Step 3: Technical Interview  

The interview will take approximately 2 hours and will be conducted either face-to-face or online.  



VETASSESS is an authority body in Australia that evaluates and assesses the qualifications, skills and employment history of individuals who are seeking a job or a pathway to migrate to Australia. VETASSESS is one of the key assessing bodies, evaluating a large number of occupations in Australia.  

What is VETASSESS skill assessment?

VETASSESS skill assessment is the process used by VETASSESS to evaluate the qualifications, skills and experience of an individual who is seeking a job or applying for skilled migration to Australia.   

The purpose of VETASSESS skill assessment is to determine if the applicants meet the standards about qualifications, skills and work experience standards required for an occupation in Australia. This assessment process is important because it ensures that the incoming skilled migrants will have essential skills to contribute to Australian workforce and economics.  

How long does VETASSESS skill assessment take?

The VETASSESS processing time varies depending on the occupations you are applying for. For professional occupations, the processing time is between 12 and 17 weeks. For trade occupations, the processing time depends on skills assessment program and other factors, for example, the standards and quality of the evidence/documents that you provided in the application. If you are required to resubmit these documents, it will be time consuming.  

How much does VETASSESS cost?

The full skills assessment fee is AUD1136.30 for applications from Australia and AUD1033.00 for applications from overseas.  

If you want to apply for a fast track, then there is an additional cost of $806, excluding GST. 

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