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A partner visa is a permanent residence visa which offers the chance of permanent residence through a marriage or de facto relationship with who has permanent residence or Australian citizenship.

This visa is assessed based on the relationship of two people who are applying for the Visa. Thus, providing evidence of relationship is important to get a visa grant.

If you apply for a Partner visa (Subclass 820/801) then Bridging Visa is automatically granted and you are eligible to have the basic Medicare benefit as this is combined application for both provisional residence visa and permanent residence visa.

The temporary partner visa can be converted to permanent visa in two years after the first visa application made.
(2 years temporary residence visa period can be shortened depending on special circumstances)

Stage 1:  Temporary Partner visa (Sub class 820-Partner(Provisional)

  • Relationship between an applicant and an Australian spouse.
  • Marriage relationships accepted by Australian law
  • At least 12 months de facto relationship
  • Can have less than 12months de facto relationship if they registered their relationship**(conditions apply)

Stage 2: Permanent Partner Visa (Sub class 801-Partner(Migrant)

  • Application can be made two years from the date of temporary residence visa application.
  • Must be keeping marriage or de facto relationship with an Australian partner.
**Although minimum 12 months of De facto relationship is not established, you can apply for a partner visa through Partnership Registration accepted by Australian immigration.   
You must be aware that Partnership Registration is only accepted as a law in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and TAS State.

Applicant must demonstrate their relationship in 4 different aspects as below.

  • Financial Aspects
  • Nature of the Household
  • Social Aspects
  • Nature of the person’s Commitment to each other

Sponsor (Partner) Check list

Sponsor’s Visa Requirement :

An Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident and an eligible New Zealand citizen visa holder

Sponsorship limitation :

  1. Partner can provide sponsorship only twice in lifetime.
  2. There should be no sponsorship or be sponsored in the last 5 years.

If you have obtained permanent residency through another partner’s sponsor within the past 5 years, you will be able to sponsor after 5 years from the time of application for a Partner visa.

Visa Application Charge for Partner Visa :

Main applicant


Adult Dependent (over 18 age)


Child Dependent (Under 18 age)



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