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In a surprising turn of events, the Australian government has recently announced the closure of the 408 visa, leaving many individuals in uncertainty about their future plans. Whether you were planning to apply for this visa or are currently holding one, it’s essential to understand the implications and alternative visa options for your next steps. 

What is the Temporary Activity (visa subclass 408)?

The subclass 408 visa, also known as the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa, was introduced by the Department of Home Affairs to address specific issues arising due to the Covid pandemic. It assists temporary visa holders who were stranded in Australia due to travel restrictions or those who were engaged in critical work to respond to the COVID-19 situation. It allowed individuals to stay in Australia temporarily and engage in specific activities related to the pandemic response. 

When the 408 visa is closed?

The Covid Visa 408 is closed on 01 February 2024. It means no application for this visa is accepted after 01 Feb 2024. However, if you already submitted your application before 01 Feb 2024, your application will be still assessed. If granted, you can tay further in Australia for 6 months.  

What are alternative visa options for you after the closure of the Pandemic Visa 408?

With the closure of the 408 visa, individuals must explore alternative visa options that align with their goals and circumstances. This could involve researching and understanding other visa categories, eligibility criteria, and application processes. Seeking professional advice from immigration experts can be invaluable during this phase. Contact our experienced Migration Agent on 07 3003 1899 or for more information.  

Below are some common visa subclasses that you can apply instead of the visa 408.  

Student visa subclass 500

The most popular way to stay further in Australia after your Covid visa is expired is to apply for a student visa. The duration of this visa will depend on the duration of the course that you intend to enrol in. An advantage of this visa is that you can work up to 48 hours per fortnight and your dependence can apply for this visa with you.  

If you wish to know which course you should apply for to further stay and migrate to Australia, contact our experienced education consultant today on 07 3003 1899 or Our team will offer you free consultancy and free application process.  

Training visa subclass 407

The training visa in Australia is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their skills through workplace training. You can stay up to 2 years in Australia under the training visa.  

To eligible for this visa, you need the sponsorship from your employer. This means that your employer needs to submit the sponsorship application, and in the application, your employer must clearly point out reasons why the training is needed and what occupation you will work for.  

Temporary Shortage Visa Subclass 482

The subclass 482 is designed to help employers in Australia address the labour shortages by employing foreign workers where they can’t find/ an appropriate Australian. If you are working for your employer but your visa 408 is due to expire, you can ask your employer to sponsor you for a visa 482. As it is an employer sponsor visa, you must work for your sponsoring employer for at least 3 years.  

Visa subclass 186

Another employer sponsored visa that you can apply for is the visa subclass 186. This is a permanent residence (PR) visa, allowing you to stay indefinitely in Australia. Generally, to eligible for this visa, your occupation must be in the medium and long term strategic skills list, you must be sponsored by an approved employer, you must be under 45 years old at the time of application and for must case, you must have at least 6.0 IELTS or equivalent.  

Tourist visa subclass 600

You can apply for a tourist visa subclass 600 if your current visa is due to expire but you have not had a clear plan about what visa you will apply next. The duration of a visitor visa can be 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your circumstances. However, please bear in mind that you are not allowed to work in Australia under the visa 600.  

Why do you need to plan ahead?

As the closure of the 408 Visa unfolds, it’s essential to plan ahead and act proactively. Stay updated on official announcements, explore alternative visa options, and initiate any required processes promptly. For many cases, navigating changes in immigration policies and choosing an appropriate visa subclass can be complex, and seeking professional guidance is highly recommended. Migration experts and legal professionals can provide tailored advice based on your circumstances, ensuring that you make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to secure your stay in Australia.  

If you need assistance for your visa consultation and application, contact our registered migration agents today on 07 3003 1899 or 


While the closure of the 408 Visa may pose challenges for individuals with specific plans or aspirations in Australia, understanding the situation and exploring alternative pathways is key. By assessing your circumstances, seeking professional guidance, and staying proactive, you can navigate this transition effectively and continue to embrace the opportunities that Australia has to offer. 

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