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Australian government has officially released a new Genuine Student Test (GST) that has replaced the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements. This change is to set up clear criteria for assessing the genuine intentions to study in Australia of prospective international students.

What is the Genuine Student Test in Australia?

The Genuine Student Test is a set of questions that aim to assess students’ genuine intentions to study in Australia and their ability to meet student visa requirements subclass 500.

The biggest difference between the Genuine Student Test (GST) and Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is that GTE is an essay (statement) explaining why students need to return to their country of origin after finishing their studies in Australia while GST is a set of questions focusing on why students’ intention to study in Australia is genuine. The visa applicants therefore can mention their plan after graduation, including a plan to stay further in Australia, as long as their study intention is genuine and reasonable.

What will be in the new Genuine Student Test?

The GS requirement allows for a more detailed examination of an applicant’s educational background, future aspirations, and the coherence of their chosen course of study with their career goals. This targeted approach helps to identify genuine students more accurately.

More specifically, the Genuine Student Test will include four main questions as the followings:

  • Details of the applicant’s circumstances, including the ties to community, family, employment and economic development
  • Reasons why the applicant chose the course they are planning to take in Australia and why the applicant chose the particular education provider. The provided reasons must include their understanding of the requirements of the intended course and studying and living in Australia.
  • Details of how the applicant will benefit from the completion of the intended course.
  • Details of additional information that the applicants wish to add to the visa application.
  • If the applicants have previously held a student visa or lodged an application in Australia from a non-student visa, then they need to answer one more question to clarify the reasons why they lodged the visa this time.

While answering all the required questions, you should provide the following information:

  • Genuine intention to study in Australia: They come to Australia for the purpose of study, not for other purposes. For example, they should explain how the course in Australia benefits their career and future, how much they understand the course and the education provider, how they can meet the requirements for the chosen course, and what their plan is after completion of the course.
  • English proficiency: In order to meet the English requirement for a student visa, the applicant now needs to achieve an IELTS 6.0 overall (or equivalent). The previous English requirement is 5.5 IELTS only. (New English Requirements For The 485 Visa In Australia)
  • Financial capacity to support their study in Australia: The visa applicants need to prove that they can afford the initial and continuing costs of studying in Australia. As of 2024, the minimum cost for one year living in Australia is $24,505.
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE): You must include the CoE in your application to demonstrate that you got the formal admissions offer from an Australian education provider and that you meet all the entry requirements for the course you have enrolled in.


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When will the genuine student test be implemented in Australia?

The GTE requirement, introduced in November 2011, is a cornerstone of Australia’s student visa assessment process. The GTE addressed concerns over the student visa program being used as a pathway to permanent residency rather than its intended purpose of fostering international education and cultural exchange. All the student visa lodged before 23 March 2024 will be assessed based on the GTE requirements.

However, the GTE has placed the genuine student test, and all the student visa applications lodged on and after 23 March 2024 will be assessed using the genuine student test.


The shift from GTE to GS is a strategic move by Australia to refine its student visa assessment process, ensuring that it aligns with the objectives of the international education sector and the needs of genuine students. For prospective students, this change emphasizes the importance of clear and coherent educational planning and the need to demonstrate genuine intent to engage with Australia’s educational offerings. Learn more information about the Student Visa (subclass 500).

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What criteria are assessed in the New Genuine Student Test?

The test evaluates various factors, including the applicant’s academic background, proficiency in English, financial capacity and the intention when studying in Australia. It aims to assess the genuine interest and capability of the student to complete their chosen course in Australia.

How can I prove the course will be of benefit to me?

To prove that the chosen course will benefit you, you should provide the following information:

  • The course you are enrolling in is consistent with your current level of qualification.
  • Provide clarification on how the course is relevant to past or your proposed future employment. If your selected course is unrelated to your previous studies or at the same level as your previous studies, then you need to give reasons for your choice.
  • Provide a statement and evidence on how the course will assist you in obtaining your expected employment or how it can improve your employment prospects in the future.
  • Provide the details of the expected salary and other benefits that you may get if you complete the qualifications from the proposed course.

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