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Migration Update : 04 Mar 2022

1. Skilled-Recognised Graduate (Subclass 476) visa holders can extend for 24 months

Eligible Skilled-Recognised Graduate (Subclass 476) visa holders who lost time in Australia as a result of COVID-19 international border restrictions will have their visas extended for 24 months. This visa allows recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia. This will provide eligible visa holders with the usual length of the visa, plus an additional six months. It would allow current and former Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa holders to enter, or remain in, Australia until April 2024.

2. Training (Subclass 407) visa secondary holders have no work limitation

Previously, 407 secondary visa holders have the same working condition as the student visa 40 hours fortnightly, it is no removed. Due to current workforce shortages, the Government is temporarily extending this arrangement by removing the limit on secondary Training (subclass 407) visa holders’ working hours across all sectors of the economy. This measure takes effect immediately for existing and new secondary Training visa holders, and will be reviewed in April 2022.

3. Working in any sector may able to access to COVID-19 Pandemic Event (Subclass 408) visas for 6 months

Temporary visa holders with work rights will be able to access the COVID-19 Pandemic Event (Subclass 408) visa incurring no Visa Application Charge for a period of 6 or 12 months if they work in any sector of the Australian economy.

Before, the COVID-19 Pandemic Event 408 visa is available for 12 months in applicant working in agriculture, food processing, health care, aged care, disability care, child care, and tourism and hospitality. The new arrangements will only be available for Pandemic Event visa applications made on or after 21 February 2022 by:

  • Temporary visa holders who were in Australia prior to 21 February 2022; as well as
  • Temporary visa holders who arrive in Australia after 21 February 2022 and have work rights or a job offer from a Commonwealth funded aged care service at time of application.

The people who satisfy one of the above criteria’s maybe granted a 6 months 408 visa if working or intending to work in any other sector.

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