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Migration Update : 09 September 2022

1. NSW published State Nomination Occupation List for FY22/23

NSW has imposed new State Nomination requirements for the new financial year with migration points and skilled employment experience. Popular occupations such as IT related, Accounting related will need to meet very high standard to be eligible. Social Workers, Teachers and some trades occupations relatively have lower requirements. If your occupation requires high points or years of experience, contact SOL Migration today to have plan B for your PR Pathway.

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2. Minister of Education confirms extended 485 PSW Visa to certain group of higher education graduates

Post study work rights for select degrees in areas of verified skill shortages will be increased from:

Two years to four years for select Bachelor’s degrees
Three years to five years for select Masters degrees
Four years to six years for select PhDs.
A working group will be established to advise the Ministers for Home Affairs and Education on the development of this and other relevant issues.

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3. Western Australia has announced their first round of State nomination data in Aug 2022

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4. SOL Migration continues receiving 190 Invitation from QLD