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Changes to visa lodgement arrangements

There will be limited options to apply  below subclass visas include Partner visa. Visa lodgment including Temporary and Permanent Partner visa has been changed from 18 November 2017. Instead of lodging an application in person at any offices of the Department, you must lodge your visa applications by courier service, post or online.

Relevant visa subclasses are below:

  • Partner category visas (subclass 820801, 309100 & 300)
  • Parent visas (subclass 804884864173143 & 103)
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403).

For Partner category visas and Temporary Work (International Relations) visa applications, applications should be submitted online through ImmiAccount. Partner category visas include

not only Temporary and Permanent Partner visa but also Prospective Marriage visa.

In case of Parent visa, you must send your applications by courier service or post to the following addresses:

  • Post application to:
    Parent Visa Centre
    Locked Bag 7
    Northbridge WA 6865
  • Courier application to:
    Parent Visa Centre
    Wellington Central
    Ground Floor
    836 Wellington Street
    West Perth WA 6005

If you have any questions about invitation round, please feel free to contact us in the form below.