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As an international student, I understand the various thoughts that go through your mind before applying for a university overseas. I have been through the process and can relate to it. I’ve realised that a great source of information that I’ve got is through attending University Information Day before I’ve sent in my applications. Here are the five things that I have found beneficial attending the University Information Day.

Face-to-Face Interaction with the University Representatives
This is a key benefit of attending University information day where representatives from various universities will be present at one place allowing you to interact and get a one on one counselling with the university or the school staff.

Get Updated Information
The University Information Day helps you in getting up to date information about the courses and the university. It can help you get tailored information based on the subjects you are interested in and also get further details about the learning and teaching structure.

Opportunity to Avail Scholarships
One of the main dilemmas to go for overseas education are the high living and tuition costs and this can also be simplified by getting a chance to apply for scholarships which are recommended by the industry experts and have an opportunity to avail them.

Application Fee Waivers
The best aspect of University Information day is a chance to get in your application for your desired university for free if you have already decided to apply for them. The application process is very structured and easy and with the relevant documents submitted for the application to be processed.

Discover Alternative Program Options
Finding tailored programs based on your interests and experience is a great way to utilize University Information Day. You get to explore the various programs and specializations offered by universities, get advice on study pathway and explore other courses that complement the studies that give you an edge to your peers.

University Information Day also allows you to interact and network with the experts from the industry, other students who are interested in the same courses and attend seminars by the experts thus giving you a wealth of knowledge from one source.

Get expert details about Migration
Moving to a different country is a huge decision entailing various questions about the city, opportunities in future and, basic information about the necessary visa that gets you ready before the journey. University Information Day provides you with that opportunity through the migration session giving you a chance to interact with the migration expert who will give you excellent guidance about the process.

While there are many added benefits like getting an idea about the living expenses of the destination you are interested in, extra-curricular activities offered by the universities, student- support for international students the above ones are the most important ones that you get from attending a University Information Day.