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Australia has become a favourite destination for students over the past few years and ‘the land Down Under’ reflected with various objectives that I was seeking when I decided to apply for Universities. There were many aspects which I considered before finally made my decision.


1. World-Class Education
Australia has become a forefront of academic institutions in the recent times with the universities providing excellent courses in the fields of business, engineering, accounting, hospitality, science and a course tailored for everyone with 43 accredited in the country making it one of the best choices for students to specialise in any field of study.

2. Access to International Scholarships
As a prospective International student funding and scholarships availability are very important while factoring in the country before applying for the course to experience learning at affordable costs. Australian Government along with the Universities and other organizations provide access various to scholarship programs for international students studying in various fields who meet their requirements for applications.

3. Limited Part-Time Job Access with Student Visa
Australia gives international students an access to limited work rights with 40 hours of work permitted fortnightly. As a student you get a chance to reduce expenses through these part-time job opportunities and at the same time get real-world experience in a different continent helping you with adaptability, picking up new skills and being independent while earning money.

4. Broad Career Opportunities after Graduation
As an international student, you have an edge after graduating and entering the workplace in Australia and provides opportunities across various diverse fields ranging from accounting, business, marketing and engineering to culinary making Australia an attractive option to migrate to.

5. Multi-Cultural Background
Australia has a diverse multi-cultural society providing a unique experience to every person making them feel welcomed and at ease right from the beginning. The universities and the government take special measures for the safety of the students and create an environment to help students adapt to the new environment.

Are these factors important for you too while choosing to move to a new country for education? Book an appointment with our counsellor to help your decision.

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